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Bleeding Reason - Endless War (2019)

Artist - Bleeding Reason
Album - Endless War
Year - 2019
Genre - Melodic Symphonic Deathcore
Country - Russia
Quality - MP3 / CBR 320 Kbps
Label - Self-Released

01. Discharge
02. Forget the Past
03. Time of Despair
04. Betrayer
05. Surrounded by Secrets
06. The Last Hope
07. Spreading My Wings
08. The Executed Prophesy
09. Like Ghost
10. Face the Truth
11. The Price of My Lies
12. The Revelation


2 thoughts on “Bleeding Reason - Endless War (2019)”

  1. Awesome input!!! I hear Bleeding Reason various years ago, and I thought they had separated. Is a gorgeous band, your sound powerful and his groove prog symphonic is really awesome. Beside Brand of sacrifice, and Echoes of Misanthropy of the best. Thanks dude. From Andes, South America.

  2. Awesome input!!! I hear Blleding Reason various years ago and I thought the band split. Really a gorgeous band, They have a lot of strength and creativity, your groove and prog symphonic is hallucinatory! beside Brand of sacrice - Gad hand, of the best. Thanks.


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