Nekrasov - Lust of Consciousness (2019)

Artist - Nekrasov
Album - Lust of Consciousness
Year - 2019
Genre - Atmospheric Black Metal / Noise / Dark Ambient
Country - Australia
Quality - MP3 / CBR 320 Kbps
Label - Prosthetic Records

01. How to Break the Spell
02. Living Where I Vanish
03. Extinguish the Light and Radiate in the Darkness
04. Letting Go of All the Supports
05. Hidden Beauty
06. Treachery of the Yoke
07. Free and Undisturbed
08. The Disease is Simple
09. The Lust of Consciousness
10. Through Blind Acceptance the Nightmare Continues
11. The Greatest of All Mistakes


Nekrasov is reminiscent of some unhallowed Lovercraftian vault, where the dreamer meets his dream: the abyss of mind and space alike, where he compositionally depicts the hinges in the deep recesses of the mind, that only a visionary can uncover.

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