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Paganizer - Death Through the Copperfields (2020)

Artist - Paganizer
Album - Death Through the Copperfields
Year - 2020
Genre - Death Metal
Country - Sweden
Quality - MP3 / CBR 320 Kbps
Label - Metal Bastard Enterprises

01. On a Gurney to Hell (3:47)
02. Their Skin Suits Me (3:28)
03. Rot (3:27)
04. Scandinavian Warmachine (3:12)
05. Landscapes Made of Human Skin (3:44)
06. Gasmask Obsession (2:15)
07. Afterlife Burner (3:44)
08. Mass of Parasites (3:29)
09. Souls for Sale (3:48)
10. The Aeon Machinery (5:24)
11. Du vaknar som dцd (2:18)
12. No Divine Rapture (5:01)


PAGANIZER's first live album 'Death Through The Copperfields' is a black colored, symphonic and epic shockwave. After the band had made a respectable name for themselves with various hammer-strong studio albums the time is ripe for the rough sounds of the Swedish Death-Metal-Walze to also be played live on a to banish sound carriers. Recorded live at Copperfields, Stockholm 2014-11-22.

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