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Wisdom In Chains - Nothing in Nature Respects Weakness (2018)

Artist - Wisdom In Chains
Album - Nothing in Nature Respects Weakness
Year - 2018
Genre - Hardcore
Country - USA
Quality - MP3 / CBR 320 Kbps
Label - Fast Break! Records / Demons Run Amok Entertainment

01. Life Lessons
02. Already Dead (feat. Matt Noise)
03. Someday (feat. Freddy Cricien)
04. Better Than I Was
05. Ultimatum
06. The Boy and the Cave
07. Heart of a Champion
08. Slow Drown (feat. Davin Bernard)
09. Palisade Cliffs
10. Turn My Back
11. Truce
12. Duck Down Stay Down
13. Halfway There (feat. Angel Buckley)


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